What You Must Know About Secondary Cancer

Published: 15th October 2010
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There are two concepts behind secondary cancer. The basic one pertains to another primary cancer discovered in the patient's body. Cancer occurred in a specific area without being affected by a previous occurrence of cancer is secondary cancer. There are two places or organs where cancer cells independently appeared.

The other one, probably the general understanding, is that secondary cancer is the type of cancer where the cells did not initiate from the affected portion itself. Instead, the cancer was a prove of the distribution of the cancerous cells from a previously affected area. This is also identified as metastatic cancer.

Secondary cancer should be given utmost attention. If the treatment is given for primary cancer, the affected region of the metastatic cancer must also be given treatment. The cancer cells present in the region must also be contained, the same like the one in the primary cancer region. Otherwise, the cycle might start again where the affected part or organ affects surrounding locations again.

An instance of secondary cancer is when a is diagnosed with primary breast cancer. In such case, if the cancer is left untreated and uncontained, the patient may experience secondary lung cancer. This is because the lungs are the part nearest to the breasts. Other areas that can be possibly affected and become secondary cancer are the lymph nodes, the bones, the liver and the brain. These pose the possibility of turning to secondary cancer.

Secondary cancer is most likely same a effect of a primary cancer that has advanced its stage. It is advisable to remember that in cancer, early discovery is 50% of the battle. The earlier it gets diagnosed, the higher chances for the to survive the cancer. It is also in the initial discovery and medication that secondary cancer is prevented. In effect, prevents advanced damage to the patient.

Learn many about secondary cancer and how important it is to have it cured in the earliest time there is.

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